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  • Leading Universities in Ukraine which ranked best in TOP MEDICAL Universities in Ukraine.
  • Modern, multidisciplinary higher educational institution of 4th level accreditation.
  • Courses and Curriculum are as per the EUROPEAN STANDARDS OF EDUCATION ECTS(European credit transfer system).
  • Officially approved by Global Organizations UNESCO, UNO , WHO , NMC.
  • Graded as MD PHYSICIAN
  • Universities has co-operation with over 90 Countries concerned to Education.


  • 5Years7Months of academic course ( includes internships ) and availability of PG choice.
  • Excellent Library facilities ensures students to gain personal knowledge and skills
  • Students are selected for INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES held by different Countries .
  • student Teacher ratio 12:1
  • Students from Ukraine are Ranked top in MCI(FMGE).


  • Modern Sports and enlarged playgrounds are available.
  • Separate Gyms Culture Rooms are available inside hostel .
  • Yearly Celebrations of INDIAN FESTIVES AND CULTURE .
  • Ukraine’s reasonable medical studies become an integral factor.
  • Ukraine college for MBBS offers a six-year program with five years of complete scholarly term that educates the student with viable and hypothetical information and one year of internship at a famous medical subsidiary to singular college.

About Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe.

It lies at the northwest end of the Black Sea, with Russia toward the east, Belarus toward the north, Poland toward the northwest, Slovakia and Hungary toward the west, and Romania toward the south-west and south, with Moldova in the middle. Ukraine takes its foundations from the East Slavic state Kyven Rus.

From that point forward, Ukraine saved its topographical area, capital, and public traditions.

Knowing that all tourists are dependent upon the police is a higher safety effort when going on a public vehicle, particularly intercity types. Beset up to show your identification and passage papers and keep your government office/department number convenient in the inexorably far-fetched occasion you run over an insufficient authority. If you are travelling outside your base city without your authority reports, be ready for a significant fine. This is a specific issue if you drive as there are traffic police who consistently stop drivers and request their administrative work.

Ukrainian is the official language. Close to the adjoining nations, Romanian, Polish, Belarusian, Hungarian, and Russian are spoken. Ukrainians either communicate in Ukrainian or Russian locally, with Ukrainian being moved generally in the West and Russian in the east/south. Most Ukrainian speakers likewise communicate in Russian at any rate to a moderate degree, attributable to the country’s Soviet past. In any case, because of Russia’s progressing strife, local people in Ukrainian-ruled regions dislike using Russian, so learning probably some Ukrainian too will be advisable.




Ternopil National Medical University