Alpha Edu Care is the institution of choice for all matters pertaining to finding admission in an MBBS college abroad.

Selection of Universities

  • Universities Recognised by WHO | MCI | NMC
  • Universities in a particular country.
  • Universities with a dual specialization.
  • Universities that make opportunities available for working in the same countryand globally.
  • Universities in safe l SELECTION OF UNIVERSITY ocations and the ones most welcoming for foreign students.
  • Indepth analysis of various universities and selecting the right ones for you.

Passport and Visa Assistance

  • In-depth response to all queries associated with passport and Visa
  • Ease in the issuance of student Visa and Passport
  • Assistance in the extension of Visa and Passport as and when required
  • Explaining all information concerned with Visa and Passports
  • Help with selecting and filling forms associated with Visa and Passport

Pre & Post Departure Guidelines

  • General instructions regarding travelling to a foreign country
  • Basic recommended do’s and dont’s
  • Documents to carry
  • Personnel to contact
  • Pick up from airport
  • Providing necessary things till they reach hostels

Accommodation into hostel

  • Pre-arranging accommodation into hostel based on budget, preference, and convenience
  • Contact details of important concerned personnel including wardens
  • Offering details of accommodation outside college or university campus for interested students
  • List of the initial to do’s upon reaching the medical college/hostel

Admission into the university

  • In-depth admission procedures.
  • Fees payment method – where, when, cash/card/online transfer, full payment or installments.
  • Initial documentation to be filled up before joining the college/classes.
  • Important document to carry.
  • Course selection guidelines and information about important deadlines.
  • Introduction of professors in particular university.
  • Introduction of administrative officials.
  • Introduction of academic Dean in particular university.

Food Options

  • Varied mess plans/ diets/ tiffin or self cooking
  • Preference for Indian/western meals
  • Indian canteens are available in university near to hostel.
  • Suggestions are accepted by Senior Chefs.