Founded in the year 1921, and named in the memory of M.I Pirogov, in the year of 1960, The National Pirogov Memorial Medical University. It has been certified and accredited to the 1V level of accreditation and has been granted the status of the National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Ukraine.

National Pirogov Memorial Medical University is complemented with material technical basis, seven hundred eighty modern computers, research center with center of new information technology, a large library with umpteenth genre and information in-store for student access.

In addition to the in-state university facilities, the intangible international reputation lies strong with countries like India, US, Australia, etc.

National Pirogov Memorial Medical University is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

International Medical Education Directory (IMED);

the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)

the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) for eligibility of graduates to obtain certification and Licensure. The students during General Medicine, are trained to be eligible for The United States Medical Licensing Examinations- USMLE.

First step is to obtain the ECFMG certification when the graduates have passed their course along with USMLE and eligible for Postgraduate Medical Education/Residency Training. Step 2 is submission of final transcript. This information can be obtained by going to the Federation of State Medical Boards of United States (FSMB) website or contacting them. National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, through its renowned international ties and a world-accredited degree, has at par world rankings and national rankings.

Hostel And Accommodation

  • This university has 3 students’ hostels for 2900 students, so it is based on the principle of first come, first served. Depending on the preferences of the university, students may stay at a hostel or on an off-campus residence.
  • Hostels for students are provided with full security.
  • The university has well-furnished hostels for its students. Hostels are provided by the university with facilities like 24-hour gas and electricity supply, hot and cold water, etc.
  • There is a large library with an excellent collection of books. There are Cafeterias for students that provide tasty and healthy food.
  • The Hostel building is new and classy and the rooms are quite big and spacious, fully furnished for comfortable living and stay.
  • Hygienic canteen, primary medical care centre and currency exchange facilities are provided to foreign students for their stay.
  • There is a common kitchen, in which many students cook food daily and a large hall is built for students to sit and study in the common space.
  • keep in check of all students and all work in hostel security is 24×7 present




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