Crimea Federal University

There are various following reasons which will prove that decision of choosing the Crimea Federal Medical University is correct.

There are various following reasons which will prove that decision of choosing the Crimea Federal Medical University is correct.

University has very well organised student exchange programs and has a partnership with reputed medical universities and institutions in Europe and other parts of the world.

The university also has a good enough number of Indian students that means the university provides a holistic culture to the students from various corners of the country.

University also provides practical clinical exposure to the students at the government hospitals which are located within Simferopol city.

Indian food restaurants and eateries are also available in the city which offers the best Indian food to foreign students.

The university also provides the opportunity for the students in various research programs under the supervision of the senior professors and teachers during the MBBS course.

University has very low fees and the admission process is also easy-going.

The duration of the MBBS course in the Crimean Federal University is 6 years out of which 5 years have classroom training and 1 year which is mandatory for the internship for the clinical exposure and practical knowledge.

Hostel and Accommodation at Crimea Federal Medical University

  • Crimea Federal Medical University Hostels for students are provided with full security.
  • The university has well-furnished hostels for its students. Hostels are provided by the university with facilities like 24-hour gas and electricity supply, hot and cold water, etc.
  • There is a large library with an excellent collection of books. There are Cafeterias for students that provide tasty and healthy food.
  • The Hostel building is new and classy, and the rooms are quite big and spacious, fully furnished for comfortable living and stay.
  • Hygienic canteen, primary medical care centre and currency exchange facilities are provided to foreign students for their stay.
  • There is a common kitchen, in which many students cook food daily and a large hall is built for students to sit and study in the common space.
  • keep in check of all students and all work in hostel security is 24×7 present
  • In the vacation period, international students can stay at the hostel, if they do not want to go to their home country. During the vacation period all the facilities are also available.



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