Andijan State Medical Institute

MBBS is a medical degree that must be acquired from a prestigious institute for international recognition.

Over lakhs of universities and institutes offer medical courses around the globe but the need to check for the best suitable for yourself is important. It is only possible if you have knowledge about the universities and it is impossible for an MBBS aspirant to visit each university in the world so essential information required about universities or institutes is provided here. Today we have brought an institute from Uzbekistan to your knowledge namely Andijan State Medical Institute. Andijan State Medical Institute is one of the leading institute situated in the ancient cities of Fergana Valley, Andijan City was founded in 1955. Andijan State Medical Institute is a national institute in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Andijan State Medical Institute is providing education in over 56 multiple departments.

Andijan State Medical Institute recognized and accredited by various national and international organizations such as the Medical Council of India (NMC), World Health Organisations (WHO), and Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, Uzbekistan.

Andijan State Medical Institute has a beautiful campus area within which there are academic buildings and hostels.

Andijan State Medical Institute academic buildings have study classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and a library.

Andijan State Medical Institute imparts proper practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge within students.

Students at Andijan State Medical Institute have multiple options to choose from a wide range of specialization courses offered.

Andijan State Medical Institute has an enormous library providing 250000+ textbooks, references, journals, research papers, encyclopedias, editorials, etc. Also, Andijan Medical Institute has reading halls and an electronic library with the latest articles on medicine.

Andijan State Medical Institute has a huge team of highly qualified and skilled professors.

Andijan State Medical Institute has tie-ups with other universities providing a wide range of possibilities of great exposure and learning through student exchange programs, scientific research.

In Andijan State Medical Institute, the medium of language used for instructions in English.

Hostel And Accommodation at Andijan State Medical Institute

  • Foreign students can stay at First Tashkent State Medical Institute with the following amenities. There are 5 student dormitories with a total capacity of 1700 students at the institute.
  • Tashkent Medical Academy’s hostels are managed by the TMA administration and the Directorate of the Dormitory following the academy’s regulations.
  • A turnstile is erected at the hostel’s entrance to prohibit strangers from entering the hostel and to safeguard the safety of the students.
  • Student dorms are assigned, individual district guards. Each hostel offers a common area with a modern TV and furniture, as well as a kitchen, computer rooms, and a library.



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